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How do you milk a potato? With BBC Radio Bristol

827 Days Ago



So you've heard of potato milk and its virtue as a cows milk replacement in coffee, but with it's eye-watering price tag set at anywhere between £2 and £4 a litre you might be thinking of making it at home. Here's how .. and how it compares to the humble oat.

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Throwback Thursday: the Bikini Dream Team

846 Days Ago



5 women strive to lose a dress size in 5 weeks using the prototype meal plan I designed on the New Nordic Recommendations that were published in 2012. Contestants included Amy Willerton who was a Miss England contestant.

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The power of potato milk and other plant based milk - with BBC Radio WM, BBC Radio Stoke, BBC Radio Bristol

847 Days Ago



Oat milk ... potato milk ... "chufa" milk ... has the world gone crazy? Will this stuff ever find its way onto my breakfast or into my morning cappuccino? Here's my verdict.

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Lose weight, save money, save your planet: with BBC Radio Ulster

907 Days Ago



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How to stay fit and well this winter

1238 Days Ago



We've been incredibly lucky with the amount of sunshine we've since the storm hit in March this year. If you're anything like me you'll be wondering how to stay healthy and keep the good vibes going through the darker months when colds and viruses tend to thrive. More on food and key supplements here.

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Coffee may be better for you than you think

1250 Days Ago



A recent eview of the latest research on the impact of caffeine on hydration status in Australia concluded that caffeine has only a minor diuretic effect and this is negated when you exercise.

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Sleep your way to health and fitness

1557 Days Ago



Worrying about what's gone on today and what's happening tomorrow is the most common cited reason why people feel they don't sleep well. Physical discomfort, such as needing the toilet, was another.

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Revealed! Top Scandi secrets for staying slim and healthy

1939 Days Ago



Did you know that people in Nordic countries are doing even better than the Mediterraneans in keeping their weight and their health in check? The answer involves decades of research but the message is beautifully simple: if you want to look and feel your best and achieve the fastest and most lasting results, it’s time to get back to the basics.

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Is coffee is actually good for a cold?

2335 Days Ago



Yes it's true! Coffee has some health benefits that could help you get over a cold faster, and make you feel better until you do. Here's why!

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Pushing yourself to the limits and flagging? Here's how to eat!

2489 Days Ago



There are many signs of adrenal fatigue, but the key ones include difficulty sleeping and trouble getting out of bed, a dip in energy around 4pm, mood disturbances, trouble concentrating, craving for salty foods, low immune system function and slow recovery from exercise and injury. It's also a common contributing factor for reproductive issues and digestive problems such as IBS. Testing is simple, straightforward and relatively inexpensive and I highly recommend it.

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